GRB Captures 2010 through 2013

During the years of 2010 through 2013, no experiments were done with grape root borer in our vineyard. Although no experiments were being run, standard bucket traps were placed in the vineyard to monitor the population of grape root borers. The vineyard was divided into 9 blocks of 11664 square feet each, measuring 72 feet by 162 feet. Each block was subdivided into 3 plots. Each plot was 3888 square feet, measuring 54 feet by 72 feet for a total of 27 plots. A standard moth trap (green top, yellow midsection and white bucket) with an EZ:ZZ pheromone lure was placed in the center of each plot at a height of approximately 66 inches above the ground.

Bucket traps used in 2010-2013